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News Item Start the New Year with lower sequencing prices at IIGB!
News Item UCR adds PacBio RSII
Coming by the end of this year the Genomics Core will house a PacBio RSII long read sequencer. This sequencer will permit read lengths exceeding 10Kb. Look for more updates as we progress with this project.
News Item UCR adds the NEXTSeq 500!
UCR has added the NextSeq500 to its facilities in addition to the MiSeq and HiSeq. The NextSeq runs one sample at a time but is very fast and offers up to 400 million reads. This should decrease our processing times especially for run types that are not frequently run. we will be adding more details about the sequencer soon. You can find info at Pricing is not finalized yet so please inquire for costs. The instrument will run 1x75, 1x150, 2x75, 2x150 (400 mil reads max) or 1x150, 2x75 and 2x150 (mid output 130 mil reads max).
News Item MiSeq sequencer is now at IIGB and a special event on Tues Feb 11.
News Item Web-based NGS Analysis on IIGB's Galaxy Server
News Item NGS-to-Spreadsheet Analysis of RNA/SNP/ChIP-Seq data
News Item IIGB sponsored NuGen DNA Library Workshop
News Item Update on Illmina version 3 kits for single reads
News Item Update on HiSeq2000 Yield
The read number per lane is increasing significantly with new upgrades
News Item The HiSeq2000 is installed, and we will be accepting samples in January for this service!
News Item New multiplexing library kit from NuGen
News Item New NextGen kits for reducing the cost of RNAseq libraries
News Item HiSeq2000 is coming!
News Item New computer and power upgrades have been completed in support of longer Illumina sequence runs
We have added this news page to provide updates on our HT Sequencing service. You can view the latest news on the HT Sequencing web site, or click the link at the bottom of the news page to subscribe to the RSS feed.
News Item A way to reduce the cost of reagents for libaries
News Item Computer Hardware Upgrades to Support Longer Reads
News Item Deep Sequencing Innovation Grant Winners
News Item Instruments to Support Illumina Library Preparation (New E-gel system for fragment sizing)
News Item Recent Illumina System and Bioinformatics Upgrades
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