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Deep Sequencing Innovation Grant Winners

Deep Sequencing Innovation Grant winners!

As many of your know, the Genomics Core recently sponsored three seed grants of $6200 each to assist labs interested in taking advantage of Illumina deep sequencing. Many thanks to Illumina and New England Biolabs for donating funds (Illumina, NEB) and reduced cost reagents (NEB). If you see these reps, please say thanks for their support. In addition to significant science, another objective of the grants was to develop or establish Illumina-based approaches on campus that would leverage IIGB funds to benefit UCR labs more broadly. All of the proposals were fantastic and all would utilize deep sequencing for projects of strong scientific impact. Unfortunately, we could only fund three projects.


Two of them (Linda Walling and Sam Lewis) incorporated the development of multiplexing strategies which is becoming important as sequence yields continue to increase. Developments in this area will allow many researchers on campus to sequence multiple libraries per lane which will be a significant cost savings and will allow us to service more customers with less delay. The third proposal (Karine Le Roche) is to develop methods to detect A methylation globally which could bring new technology, have a broad scientific impact and increase the stature of your Institute.


Congratulations to all!

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