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IIGB sponsored NuGen DNA Library Workshop

IIGB sponsored NuGen DNA Library Workshop

DNA library makers in action

We just completed our first on-campus laboratory library workshop devoted to DNA library preparation. Library preparation is not as daunting as newcomers ofter fear. And the costs associated with Illumina sequencing produce the reasonable angst that the expense will be wasted with poor quality libraries. One solution is to provide an environment to try library making and test the results on the sequencer. These were our objectives for this workshop. The point is to spread this expertise across campus to build up a technically savvy community.

For this event, NuGen provided reagents and expertise. We provided the sequencing and data analysis. The workshop was preceded by a general seminar on Illumina sequencing and library prep which was well attended. Of course, it was centered on NuGen kits but the general concepts for DNA prep are very similar across vendors. The lab portion was in VERY high demand which unfortunately forced us to turn away many potential attendees. But we will do our best to host more events like this in the future. We are hoping to host an RNAseq event next time. As always we will keep our community informed. We at IIGB have learned a lot from this workshop in order to streamline future events.


Special thanks: We want to thank Jim Burnette (who oversees the facility) and Sue Wessler for letting use the fantastic Neil Campbell teaching lab. It was a perfect space for this event!

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