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We have added this news page to provide updates on our HT Sequencing service. You can view the latest news on the HT Sequencing web site, or click the link at the bottom of the news page to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Dear Illumina Sequencing Customers,

Welcome to the News Page!  We are happy to begin the News Page as part of our on-going philosophy of fostering research on campus.

Next generation sequencing is making a real difference on our campus. Many new projects have been made possible by this technology. It is also very new and complex. The initial cost and installation of the instrumentation is only small part of the story.  We have to keep pace with this rapidly evolving technology which seems to be accelerating in pace. In the past year of Illumina services at UCR, we have gone through many instrument and other upgrades in order to keep our facilities as cutting edge as possible in support of all of our research. Most of this goes on behind the scenes, yet is costly and requires a continuing and significant effort by our modest staff. A many of your know we in Genomics and Bioinformatics have met with many groups on campus to discuss their planned projects and to offer advice on strategy and experimental design.

In an effort, as always, to communicate with you, we will be updating this page to let you know about the latest enhancements to our instrumentation, computer hardware and services. We will also provide announcements, tips and protocols to help with your Illumina sequencing efforts.

The latest postings are here. 


All the Best,

Illumina Sequencing group

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