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A way to reduce the cost of reagents for libaries

Lowering the cost of library reagents for UCR researchers

Many labs are making paired-end sequencing libraries, but find the price of Illumina PE library prep kits to be prohibitively expensive. Purchasing Illumina PE adaptors only (enough 100 rxs) is more than $5000.  To assist IIGB labs, the Genomics Core has purchased a large supply of Illumina PE adaptors and will re-distribute them in quantities sufficient for 10 PE libraries. Reagents include PE adaptors and amplification primers. You just need to supply us with an FAU number for re-charge.  Along with this, we and several UCR labs have successfully used alternative genomic prep kits from New England Biolabs that are compatible with Illumina PE adaptors.  We requested that Storehouse and NEB stock this kit - NEBNext DNA sample Prep Master Mix Set1 E6040S. This kit (storehouse number 43501-117) is now available for $281.05 from Storehouse. This combination of adaptors and kits will reduce library reagents costs by about 75%.!!


So give this combination a try, and let us know what you think.
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