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New multiplexing library kit from NuGen

Interest in multiplexing genomic and RNAseq libraries is increasing as per lane yields increase. This will be more of an issue when the new HiSeq2000 is operational. Several Deep Sequencing Innovation Grants that were funded by IIGB last year to promote new cost-effective solutions and there are reports of conventional adaptors for multiplexing. However, commercial options are also available. Illumina makes a multiplex kit; however we tend to advise our customers against it for practical reasons. It is a good product; however it requires an additional sequence read to detect the bar codes. What this means is that all lanes of the flowcell must be multiplex samples. Since we accept single lane samples this means that either we must accumulate additional samples to fill a flowcell (which could take a long time) or the customer needs to commit to a full flowcell.  Besides home brew approaches to barcoding, there is a new multiplex library kit available from NuGen that may provide an alternative. The kit can mutiplex 32 libraries. It requires the input of either sheared genomic DNA or cDNAs (for RNAseq libraries). The kit includes multiplexed PE adaptors. At the moment the kit can support up to eight libraries, but we are told this will increase. The advantage of the kit is that Nugen has worked out technical issues that can complicate home brew approaches.  


301-32           Encore NGS multi Library Prep (32rx)     $2560 with UC discount


32rx sounds like a lot, but you must use all four barcodes in each lane.  We have not yet evaluated this kit, but plan to do so. If you plan to try this kit, please let us know. We would love to hear your feedback so that we can pass your success (or failure) on to other customers!
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