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New NextGen kits for reducing the cost of RNAseq libraries

As you know NEB has offered a low cost genomic library prep kit (10rx) for Illumina sequencing. It is priced at about $280 through UCR Storehouse.  The Genomics Core stocks the Illumina PE adaptors (10rx) for $610.

NEB is now offering a new RNAseq library Kit (E5110S) (10rx) that lists for $525. It is similar to the Illumina RNAseq kit in that it involves cleavage of mRNA and random priming to generate cDNAs. However, the users must supply their own magnetic beads and or other method for mRNA purification. Users of the NEB kit must also supply their own Illumina or other PE adaptors. Again, we stock the Ilumina adaptors. So the cost per RNAseq library using NEB kits plus Illumina adaptors should be much less than using Illumina RNAseq kits alone. So this is an option to consider.

NuGen has also introduced several kits this year Including kits for RNAseq and DGE. The RNA seq is worth considering in that for vertebrates and possibly insects and some plants (as of this posting NuGen was not sure) the amplification primers utilized do not amplify rRNA so less than 1ng of total RNA can be used as a starting material. This is valuable for those looking at expression in a limited number of cells. The kit also requires no gels (they use SPRI beads). There is no issue if you start with purified mRNA but that negates the advantage of starting with small amounts of total RNA. It is a cleaver design, but you should inquire of NuGen for suitability with your organism.

7100-08         NuGen Ovation RNAseq (8rx)                  $1600 with UC discount.
300-08           Encore NGS Library Prep (8rx)                $544 with UC discount

We have not yet evaluated either the NEB or the NuGen RNAseq kits or have any feedback since they are new.  But we will pass along any information and recommendations as we learn more. 

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