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Start the New Year with lower sequencing prices at IIGB!

We know you are trying to stretch your research funds, and we want to help. The IIGB Genomics Core is reducing select sequencing prices (that’s right!) and adding additional services. These lower prices will take effect on Feb 1, 2018. Here are the highlights.


1. Illumina NextSeq prices are being reduced as much as 11% to help stretch your research dollars. New rates are below.

                                                                        Int                 Ext Acad        Commercial

High output 75 cycle (75 SR)                           $1698              $1901.76         $2631.90           

High output 150 cycle (150SR/75PE)                $2865              $3208.80         $4440.75           

High output 300 cycle (150PE)                         $4419              $4949.28         $6849.45

Mid output 150cycle (150SR/75PE)                  $1318.24          $1476.43         $2043.27

Mid output 300 cycle (150PE)                          $2022.72          $2265.44         $3135.21


2. We are significantly reducing our prices for Sanger single-tube sequencing. The new price of $4.75 per tube (old price $6.50) is an excellent value and your funds will be re-invested to make your IIGB facilities better. Our rate for sequencing 48 or more samples (plate OR tube format) remains at only $4.00 per sample.

                                                            Internal         Ext Acad        Commercial

DNA sequencing (per tube)                   $4.75               $5.32               $7.36

DNA sequencing (48 or more)               $4.00               $4.48               $6.20


We are doing our best to help your research. Your support is the best way to ensure that we can continue to serve you and make UCR and IIGB research facilities to best possible.


Thank you and have a wonderful new year.


Your IIGB Genomics Core

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