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The HiSeq2000 is installed, and we will be accepting samples in January for this service!

We were fortunate in being one of the first institutions in Southern California to obtain the much anticipated HiSeq2000 nextgen sequencer. Our new HiSeq2000 was delivered in November and has gone through test runs.  We found a few bugs as you might expect, but we anticipate that we will begin accepting samples for this improved instrument in early January 2011. In the meantime, we are running the HiSeq2000 and the GAIIX instruments in parallel in order to maintain our throughput. So customers will not experience any down time, and the transition to the HiSeq200 should seamless from your end. Our end is another matter of course since we are now dealing with increased data loads, but we will be addressing all such needs as they develop. But overall, we are pretty excited to be offering this at IIGB. Below is the picture of the HiSeq2000 in our labs along with the new C-Bot for making clusters. Bother instruments are much more refined and hands off than the GAIIX and Cluster Station.


HiSeq2000 at IIGB                  C-Bot at IIGB



Our pricing structure will be changing when the HiSeq2000 comes on-line. Rather than current pricing which is based on intervals of 36 cycles with the GAIIX, the HiSeq pricing will be based upon units of 50 cycles. This is purely practical because the HiSeq2000 sequencing reagents are in units of 50 cycles. As a consequence, our price per lane will increase somewhat (Rates on this site). As we begin to understand the operating costs of the new HiSeqq2000 it may be necessary to adjust pricing. But rest assured that we will do our best as always to keep prices highly competitive as part of our mission to promote research at UCR.

A note about multiplexing: Since the yield per lane is 2 to 3 times that of the GAIIX and the default read lengths will be longer, there is much better value in the HiSeq2000 services compared to the GAIIX. While we can work to keep our per lane charges as low as possible, the real value is in multiplexing library samples.  To reap the most value from the HiSeq2000, customers who have not done so should consider multiplexing their samples. For example, even multiplexing two samples will cut the per lane cost by 50%! We could never achieve this savings for you based on per lane charges, so it is your hands as a customer to take advantage of multiplexing which is made possible to ever increasing per lane sequencing yields.

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