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Update on HiSeq2000 Yield

The read number per lane is increasing significantly with new upgrades

Illumina has introduced a combination of upgrades in sequencing reagents and flowcells that will increase the yield of DNA from pair-end samples.  The yield is increasing by two to three-fold effective immediately as we are now using the newest version 3 reagents. In the past, the real world read number PER LANE has been about 80 to 100 million+ passing filter depending upon the sample quality and accurate quantification. That number is now in the range of 200 million reads passing filter. The official Illumina claim is 300Gb per flowcell or 37.5Gb per lane or 188 million reads for each read pair of a 2x100 paired-end run. As we gain more experience with the latest improvements we will have more accurate real world estimates of yield. But again this represents more value for your funding.

For now, this improvement only applies to paired-end samples.  We are expecting the same improvements for single-end reads in August.  More than ever this increase in yield means that you need to multiplex to higher levels to gain the most value per sample. Multiplexing can dramatically reduce per sample costs and is the most effective way to reduce costs. We will have an update on the newest library kits in the next news item.


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